Language services

  • Translation / Editing / Proofreading / Linguistic review

Translation is the major part of my services. I work into my mother tongue. This ensures that the final translation is idiomatic, truly localized and culturally sensitive. I also invest in the latest computer aided translation (CAT) software, which further assists the editing process and ensures consistency, even in the case of large projects, by the creation of a specialist glossary database for a particular company or industry. Every translation text is deemed ready for delivery only after a thorough quality assurance process.

  • Adaptation / Transcreation / Copywriting

Transcreation is my passion. I am able to ensure that your message is not only clearly understood by your general audience but that the countless nuances of that culture are presented respectfully and efficiently for the exact audience you are targeting in any given region, city or country. Most of my transcration and copywriting work into Bulgarian revolves around and I am proud of all the slogans, products and services names or commercials I have copy or adapt.

  • Subtitling / Transcription

I have a long track record of transcription and subtitling of all types of audio and visual material, for a wide ranging set of clients, for both highly secret and protected files to public material, for governments, media outlets, studios, production companies, and many others.

  • Software and website localization

I assist companies going global by helping them with their software and website translation projects. Localization is the process of translating and modifying an existing website into different languages and adapting it to the culture, mentality, technical characteristics and others of a specific country or region.

  • Terminology management
  • Desktop Publishing

My mission is to recreate the layout of the original text while keeping its original form (pictures, footnotes, fonts, spaces, etc.) and to monitor the printing and bookbinding.  Most common projects include the creation of multilingual publications, brochures, catalogs and manuals.  I work on Windows environment and use the most popular DTP tools. Some types of documents can also be processed directly using computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools which help to save time and resources.

  • Interpretation

It is not enough for an interpreter to simply have experience living and working in the language but to have experience doing it professionally. I can give you the competitive advantage in business talks and tip the balance which defines a successful meeting. Be it welcoming visitors from overseas, preparing a presentation or the signing of a contract – the fully prepared interpreter is every businessman’s best friend! I make the difference and can help you in the following ways.

  • Language tutoring and consultation

Besides translation services, I also offer both online and face-to-face language tutoring/consultation (currently for those based in Bulgaria).  I will tailor the textbooks and additional materials used and the teaching methods to match your interests and learning styles. I could also guide you on how to learn independently and more effectively at the same time.